Mindful eating
    the awakening
    starts from you



    Restoration of
    joy and happiness
    starts direct from nature



    To recapture
    the soul of coffee
    we begin with the beans



    Spreading joy with
    our crafted chocolate

The best, is always borne out of altruistic love. CAMACA was raised on the heart of a mother’s fierce perseverance for quality nourishment for her children. We take on mindful eating by putting down conventional methods and packing up for a new spirited journey in search for an intimate connection with honest sustainable joy.

And we have found it. Armed with gutsy explorations and newborn innovations, we have come to conceive the felicitous amalgamation of coffee, chocolate and ice cream. Without needing to abandon the soul of our traditional roots, we crafted exquisite aromas and authentic tastes, all fixated to uplift you onto pages of untold heartwarming fulfillment and pleasure.

A passionate pursuit for quality driven by people-centric goals remain the core currency for CAMACA and we trust that mindful eating should reclaim its rightful status as the heart of a healthy outlook and reconnect humans through meaningful encounters.

It is high time that modern form of eating should return to its true embodiment. CAMACA is bent on reproducing nostalgic moods and emotions as you head homebound with us; sincere, gratifying/appetizing, abundant, unique, just like falling back on your mother’s embrace, forever blessed in favor and assurance.

Whether it is a dream or reverie, celebrate with passion and it might just come true.

For as long as time, we have been struggling to bridge the gap between health and indulgence. It was once unfathomable that indulgence and health could ever form a momentous connection in marriage.

But we did it.

Pushed by novel inspirations, powered by tenacious practice, we revamped the process of ice cream making and created an ice cream that is not only amazing for the soul but also for your body.
In other words, we created the best of both worlds.

CAMACA’s gelato is authentically French, prepared with the freshest raw ingredients for lively flavors. Dig in the sweetness of life, guilt-free. Taste our creativity, minus the sugar and high fat content. Taste joy.

Here, every bit of our ice cream bears our simple wish to create emotional joy, charming fanfare and stunning tastes. To dive deep into your soul, and bring you to a journey of healing like no other.

We recognize that the sentimental value of coffee aroma derives from the first taste of each cup. And it gets better.

Our distinct philosophy and discerning palate, driven by our unrelenting pursuit for remarkable raw beans, have motivated us to procure outstanding roasting skills to yield a unique taste for exclusive drinking experiences.

Our brew is exquisite, pure yet expressive and inclusively engages its drinker. Its insightful tolerance to elements makes it a gifted match to CAMACA’s standard of exceptional quality.
We employ stringent/(solid) heating/ (hot steaming) methods to our brew, then expertly crafted by our barista to bring you pure exquisite taste that is meant to be.

CAMACA’s rich smooth luxurious Italian coffee will come to you in its robust quintessential flow in a single shot. Indulge your fancy, be it in our creative fusion coffee or top-notch ice drip coffee. Our brew is spurred by the artistry of the beans where we revel in exploring and developing amazing flavors to reflect its wondrous personality, with all intention to deliver to you an unforgettable moment in time.

Nama Chocolate has been a rising star in the recent years, embracing it’s extremely delicate and rich personality, CAMACA has created high quality Nama Chocolate to celebrate joy. Our chocolate adopted the technology similar to wine fermentation process,  with greatly-controlled temperature, extra-careful humidity preservation, it then stabilised and turn into perfectly moist, unctuous mouth feel fine chocolate.

The chocolates are made using a deft balance of chocolate and cream to attain a silky-soft, melt-in-the-mouth texture, it is perfect pairing with our coffee too, which has made it the most satisfying dessert for anyone.